Stake is the reward for $PIGGY holders and the liquidity providers. Currently we have 1 Staking pool:

  • $PIGGY Pool - stake the Piggy Token to share the borrowing and redemption fee.

The pool is to incentivize the $PIGGY holders.

How to do the stake?

Step1: Click the "Stake" on the sidebar menu. You will find your current staking pool overview which includes your position and your rewards to be harvest. You can also see current expected APR for each pool.

Step2: Click Stake/Unstake the staking pool as you want. Then fill the amount you want to Stake/Unstake.

Step3: Confirm all the information and your position will change and the earning will be calculated at the time your position change successfully.

How to get the reward?

You can find all the "Claim" button on the "Stake page". "Claim" button on each pool can help you to get the specific reward.

As the claimed reward from stability pool, you can also claim your staking reward from your dashboard overview.

How does $PIGGY staking work?

Your $PIGGY stake will earn a share of the fees equal to your share of the total $PIGGY staked, at the instant the fee occurred.

Is there a lock-up period?

No, you can withdraw your staked funds at any time.

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